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We encourage you to visit the international MITO websites listed below for more detailed and in-depth information about mitochondrial diseases.

While many of the issues our MITO communities face are the same at the local and national levels, MITO HOPE and HELP focuses our efforts on meeting the needs of our local MITO Community of Northeastern NY.

Below are more services we've come across that may be helpful in your search for resources.

This link:

will bring you to the Genetic Metabolic Center for Education.

This resource will revolutionize the way metabolic diseases are diagnosed and managed, providing much improved care for all who utilize their services. 

You can also view a video describing GMCE's services by clicking on the link below:



Mitochondrial disease is one of the official diagnosis recognized as criteria for children ages 6-16 to attend this special camp. If you are not familiar with Double H Ranch, I encourage you to visit their website,

Did you know? The Double H Ranch also offers an adaptive ski program in addition to their summer camp.


You can apply for items not covered by insurance.

Our sponsor, WWARC, now has a new respite source available to children and their families in Warren, Washington and Saratoga counties. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held today at the new Van Dusen Respite Center in Queensbury, NY. The respite center is for medically frail children. You can obtain further details by contacting the program's director, Chrissy Schumate @ 518-793-4202 or your child's MSC.

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