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IDEAS from Darlene

Well Cathy, I'm trying this out and i hope it works. Dr Way looked at my pictures that i have been taken over the yrs on my computer. As you know Dr Way is photogravure and when he looked at my picture he was inpressed with many of them and even told me i should sale my picture. Before i do that i want to make postcards to sell and use the profit to put into the mitohopeandhelp. I would like to hear what everyone thinks about me doing this. Cathy has a site where u can have the postcards done at.I would like to put up a few of my picture for everyone to see and to have a input on what picture they would think is the best ones to use. Also when i do my other picture i have decide that every picture i do get to sell i would put some into the Mito. I have some idea with some crafts that i will slowly be doing for next summer to see at are 2 new craft stores. But the first thing i must do before anything else is to do the postcards. So please let me know what u think about all of this. Thanks Darlene

New products for fund raising

Dear mito community, I've just ordered MITO HOPE and HELP bracelets/ bands. They'll be here in a few days.  Another means of raising funds. There are two sizes, adult and child.  Each is silicone in a swirl of colors, blue, green and yellow. MITO HOPE and HELP along with www.mitohopeandhelp is printed in white on the bands. I will post a picture on our products page in a few days.  If you would like some for yourselves or to help raise funds let me know. We're charging $3.00 locally and $3.50 if we must send via mail, same as our note cards.