MITO HOPE and HELP - Reaching out to individuals living with Mitochondrial Diseases
2016: Our MITO legislation efforts continue.   We are also diligently pursuing adding mitochondrial disease to the list of qualifying condition for medical marijuana use. 

Spring of 2015 MITO HOPE and HELP drafts new language ensuring everyone in our NY State MITO Community will benefit.  Said bills were amended to reflect the new language.  
You can view the SENATE version of this bill by clicking on this 

2015: Senate Bill S3250 was introduced by Senator Betty Little and in the Assembly Bill A5174 was sponsored by Assemblyman John McDonald.  

2014: MITO HOPE and HELP begins efforts in NY State to draft legislation which will provide coverage for medications, supplements, vitamins and medical foods used to treat/mitigate symptoms associated with mitochondrial, disease.

NY State Legislative Sponsors and Supporters

SENATE Sponsor: Betty Little
SENATE Co-Sponsors:  David Carlucci, Kathleen Marchione, Patty Ritchie, Tony Avella
SENATE Supporters: George Amedore, Catharine Young, Neil Breslin, George Latimer,Timothy Kennedy and Marc Panepinto

ASSEMBLY Sponsor: John McDonald
ASSEMBLY CoSponsors: Victor Pichardo, Janet Duprey, Raymond Walter, Marcos Crespo, Barbara Clark, Richard Gottfried, Addie J. Russell, David Dipietro, Patricia Fahy, Dan Stec, Andrew Raia
ASSEMBLY Multi Sponsors: Charles Barron, John Ceretto, Sandy Galef, Michael Kearns, Chad Lupinacci and Steven McLaughlin

As we continue to push for passage of NY State MITO Legislation we are honored to be joined by those in the mitochondrial medicine field, who share our commitment to the MITO Community.

Below is a growing list of organizations and physicians, involved with mitochondrial medicine, who support our efforts.

If you'd like to join us please contact:

Organizational Support
Organizations Supporting New York’s MITO Bills S3250-A and A5174-A

Physician Support:     Our dedicated MITO physicians are also faced with many obstacles in providing quality care to their patients due to the complex nature of mitochondrial diseases.  We are very fortunate to have these exceptional individuals supporting and advocating for us!                 

Julian Ambrus Jr. MD
Alfonse Muto, Compounding Pharmacist,
Mark Korson MD
Amel Karaa MD